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Beta 2 - Halfway Through

Following on from my previous write-up that The Guardian ran about my experiences with Elite: Dangerous from the first premium beta round and up to beta 1, here’s a similar […]

Happy Beta 2.03 Day

      Wow, Frontier have really been slaving away trying to stabilise the beta 2 release, but they seem to have done enough with this patch to let us […]

Happy Beta 2.02 Day

It seems the original Beta 2.0 launch was a bit buggy, and the 2.01 release might have been a bit below par too, but with any luck, 2.02 will be […]

Happy Beta 2 Day

  This release promises to bring some real depth and scope for exploration. Not to mention all the other goodness that’s packed inside (see here and here) And for (what […]