Aulin: Powder keg for anarchists?

On arrival at Aulin Enterprise tonight I expected to be met with scenes of riotous chaos but it seemed that we weren’t quite ready to kick off yet.

Instead, there were a lot of ships just kind of milling about, tentatively targeting and scanning each other. I didn’t spot a single volley of laser fire anywhere.

And yes, that includes me. Well, I suppose nobody wants to be the first to trigger an all-out collapseĀ of civilisation do they? Maybe we’re all just too polite for that, which I can only assume stems from the years we spent in the original Elite universe specifically not trying to get into a tight spot against one or more armed opponents.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

However I did manage to make off with a container of coffee I “found” that nobody else seemed to want. Hello 670-something credits!

Anyway, safely tucked up back at Chango again now, watching that blue globe spin past my viewport every few minutes.

G’night all. See you tomorrow.



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