So you want to be: A Trader (part two)

If you’re reading this docked at Schweickart Station in the Aegaeon system – congratulations, you made the 146.37 light year trip up from Leesti, as per part one without any catastrophes along the way. And with no shields, and a single pulse laser? Good job!


You probably want to relax for a couple of minutes after your journey, but just stick around for a short while and you might be glad you did.

The first thing to do here is offload the two tonnes of Leestian Evil Juice you brought with you. At the time of writing, that’s worth 29,800 credits, which if a quick bout of mental maths is correct is a handsome 28,886 credit profit. So get those sold!


Now that you have some extra cash to splash, you can re-install the four tonne cargo rack in place of your two tonne one. That will be a net cost of 2,250 credits.


Snag yourself four tonnes of Chateau de Aegaeon from the marketplace. They’ll cost you around 5,068 credits, but do you notice anything about that item? Yes, it’s another rare product that they’ll be fighting over themselves to buy back in Leesti.

Rare commodities are generally produced in low volumes, so you may not be able to buy four at once, depending on how busy Schweickart Station is. Either way, now is a good time to detach yourself from your command seat and stretch your legs and have a tea break. You’ve earned it.


When you get back, finish filling your four tonne rack with the Chateau de Aegaeon if you haven’t already, and then make sure your ship is in good working order. Pay for any repairs that are needed, and don’t skimp on the paintwork either. Keep a tidy ship to make tidy profits.

Sell Cartographics

You should have been attempting to run your basic discovery scanner over every system you passed through on your way here. You may not have gained anything from this route though because I may have got there first, or others before me. But I can tell you that it’s always worth doing that because on this particular run I earned an additional 10,947 credits. Just from pressing a button while lining up for the next jump.


Ok, all done? Good. Let’s move straight on to plotting your route back to Leesti.

Now that you’re hauling twice as much cargo mass, you should notice that the maximum range of your FSD has dropped from 9.75 light years to 9.32 light years. That may not sound much but if you look back over the route you took to get here, you’ll see that one jump (between Morten-Marte and Amijangal) was 9.43 light years and is now potentially unreachable.

You’ll need to consider changes like that when planning longer trips. Worst case is you’ll wind up dead-ended in an Anarchy system and have to back track and re-plot. But planning now will save you that hassle.

Your return plot will deviate from the outward one a little. If you calculate the route out to Delkar which lies about 97.69 light years from here, you’ll be able to plot the remainder of your journey when you get there. The trick is to end in a non-anarchy system which lies as close to a reasonable onward journey as is possible to determine from the galaxy map, and from there fly some distance from the nav beacon and drop in to normal space where you’ll attract much less attention. Then you can get the rest of the route worked out.

I’ve done that for you here, but remember in future when you’re running your own long-distance hauls.

So, here’s where we’re going;

  1. Hunahau (1.65)
  2. V397 Hydrae (7.03)
  3. NLTT 19808 (7.96)
  4. Ross 623 (7.90)
  5. LP 546-48 (4.87)
  6. Nott (3.59)
  7. Tau-1 Hydrae (8.92)
  8. Ross 439 (5.65)
  9. Fasti (7.40)
  10. LHS 2069 (4.57)
  11. LP 787-52 (8.92)
  12. LHS 274 (8.97)
  13. LFT 709 (4.88)
  14. LP 790-29 (8.25)
  15. Ferez (8.65)
  16. LP 792-20 (3.61)
  17. LFT 824 (7.32)
  18. LP 793-33 (6.74)
  19. LTT 4461 (6.95)
  20. Sak Chelmir (8.44)
  21. Sokoji (3.08)
  22. Crucis Sector AL-X B1-5 (6.27)
  23. LHS 2477 (8.23)
  24. Delkar (8.44)
  25. Pemoeri (5.85)
  26. Komovoy (4.05)
  27. Dhathaarib (3.05)
  28. Amalangkan (5.08)
  29. Crucis Sector GM-V B2-2 (3.82)
  30. Chuelchs (2.34)
  31. HR 4734 (3.95)
  32. Crucis Sector HM-V B2-0 (4.50)
  33. Honoko (7.16)
  34. Crucis Sector YE-A D96 (8.33)
  35. Crucis Sector IH-V B2-5 (9.20)
  36. LTT 5373 (8.75)
  37. Rakasaka (7.80)
  38. Nanditi (5.30)
  39. Crucis Sector FW-W C1-25 (7.31)
  40. Qube (8.57)
  41. Crucis Sector JX-T B3-0 (5.54)
  42. Crucis Sector JX-T B3-3 (8.22)
  43. Leesti (8.83)


As you make your way back to Leesti, remember that scanner – especially in systems you didn’t visit on your way up. Again, this may yield nothing if you follow the above route exactly, but it’s a good habit to get in to.

Upgrade the discovery scanner when you have enough cash because better versions will pick up things the basic ones don’t.

See you back in Leesti.






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