Always know your customers

Some goods need to be flown under the radar sometimes. But before you fill your hold with these items, make sure there’s a market for it at your intended destination.

Today I flew on the basis of stale data and, although nothing bad happened, my usual customer had decided they didn’t want to take stock of liquor any more. Additionally, there were no black market contacts on station either so what was I to do?

In the end I figured the miners over at Dahan would probably appreciate a drink or two after a heavy shift so I took a punt and headed over there.

I don’t know if there’s been a recent customs initiative in play recently but it looked bleak there too initially. Fortunately on this occasion a contact was available to take the booze off my hands, and I cashed in a moderate profit too.

The moral of the story?: Don’t fly dumb. Make sure you have a working route before shifting goods. Of any ilk.

Tonight I’m toasting the miners of Dahan. Cheers boys and girls, good health to you all!