Rookie Trader Challenge (#EDRTC)

So you fancy yourself as a slick trader?

You reckon you can turn a pretty decent profit any time you like?

Then take part in the

Rookie Trader Challenge

and prove that you are the best damned trader in the galaxy


  1. You have an initial budget of 1000 credits and NO MORE.
  2. You must own or buy an off-the-shelf Sidewinder with NO EXTRAS OR UPGRADES.
  3. You may reconfigure this ship as much as you like, as long as you REMAIN WITHIN BUDGET.
  4. Your chosen route must be flown in the SAME SHIP.
  5. You can DOCK ONLY TWICE after setting off.
  6. You can start and end at ANY station or dock.
  7. You must RECORD EXACTLY EVERY CREDIT SPENT OR EARNED so that your claim can be validated.
  8. You can try as many times as you like, as long as you always begin with 1000 credits and a standard Sidewinder.
  9. Enter your best results by posting your best final balance in this Frontier forum thread.
  10. You can also share on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else using the hash tag #EDRTC.
  11. The only prize is the kudos and respect you’ll earn from your fellow commanders.

 Good Luck